Goals and Visions


“Forward Action to Bridge the City-Bush Divide”

We are a grassroots, not for profit, movement of individuals and families across our nation, that hold a collective concern about the increasing divide between food and fibre consumers, and primary producers and associated industries.

Our movement aims to bridge this divide by inspiring trustworthy communication channels and real-world connections that will clearly but respectfully separate facts from fiction.

We will not take a backward step in defending our families, businesses, workers, and communities.

Where we see inaccurate or misleading allegations masquerading as fact, we will unapologetically take a public stand – in whatever method is deemed appropriate - to correct the record and defend the truth.

We are not aligned politically, however will be active in the political sphere, in promoting and supporting good policies and outcomes for our people. In doing this we will be working with a diverse range of organisations, groups, and parties.

Our community of people – and the generations of provincial families that have fed and supplied our nation - are at the heart of our endeavours

Why do we need to exist?

"It's politics that got us into this mess... it'll be politics that gets us out"

We need you, as the consumers and producers, to rally behind us to keep the produce on our shelves Clean, Green and Local.

If we don't produce it, someone else will, and we can assure you, it won't be to the standard we have set ourselves.

Our Objectives

Communication and Engagement
Increase awareness among consumers and stakeholders that land and marine natural resource managers are best placed to be the front line conservationists. Those that feed, supply and transport this Nation’s primary products are best qualified to advocate for improved policy for their industries.

Science and Economics

To develop industry capacity for commissioning, collating, curating and disseminating credible science, economic context and policy development and advice.


Increase our influence through proactive, efficient and targeted political engagement to ensure good policy outcomes.


Establish and maintain an optimal legal vehicle that meets legislated requirements that is overseen by a guiding coalition of representatives to ensure relevance, adherence to purpose and longevity of the Company.


Develop a sophisticated multi-channel fundraising competency that generates consistent and reliable funds, free from political interference.