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We are here for the long haul.


It will be tough, and it is going to hurt. We will be the target of those we oppose, and the measure of our success will be how vehement and virulent their attacks are.


Now more than ever we need to be not a hand, but a fist. We need to put aside petty difference, seek commonality, cooperate, be entirely goal focused, and forget personal pride and sensitivities.We are here to be an example of what can be done with will and focus.

The time for sitting back and letting expecting others to write our story is gone. We need to be our own advocates. We need to snatch the pen from those that have written ill of us and write our own tale. More than anything, we need to get off our arses and lend support to every event we possibly can. If we don't we will have plenty of time to dream up excuses as to why we did not act when we are all in the welfare queue.

If you think we are being a little dramatic – then give us a viable alternative to that which we espouse.

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